Among house-trained animals, dogs can prove to be unmatched in their dedication, faithfulness and relationship with their owners. North Devon has been known to provide a beautiful break for many dog owners and their majestic friends.
Make your choice among the sensational admirable scenery, the exclusive beaches or the bountiful surf havens that are available to your pets for relaxation as well as for adventure.
Unforgettable moments with your pets:
Braunton Burrows have the biggest ridge system in England that will provide you with a great space for strolling with your dogs. You pets will appreciate their freedom of walking in the alluring South West paths along the coast. Rapperee Beach can also provide for a great walk with your dog, just be aware of allowing your dog into the water if it is very rough.
The North Devon Holiday Park will give you and your pets a reason to enjoy best of rural things that the country can offer. You will have to find a holiday park that has a private access of its own, which will allow you to enter the beach and revel in the good run around or head towards the landscape while walking. But do not forget to take a Frisbee or a chew toy to play with your furry companion. In order to make you feel more comfortable in the surroundings, some of the holiday parks provide collections of pet goodies. Or you can even visit Hillsborough, a very popular nature reserve. Some paths may be steep but others tend to be gentler. Just make sure to keep your dog on a leash at all times.
Lots of dog friendly restaurants are available in North Devon. If you wish to eat out, taking your pet along is also possible because some pubs and restaurants also allow and encourage pets especially in restaurants with outdoor spaces.
Are you worried that your dog isn’t feeling well? There are various veterinary practices in the town and a hospital on the outskirts for pets.
There are numerous pet shops which can be found all across the area which can fulfil your pets’ desires and sell different kinds of pet amenities. Pet day-care centres feature safe and enclosed accommodations for your dogs to wander around in close proximity and are well taken care of.
And finally at the end of the day nothing seems more comfortable than curling up beside a warm log fire and getting prepared for the upcoming day ahead. In addition to these, there are hotels that offer facilities such as dog-walking facilities, soft doggy bedding and also self-catering pet services for your pets. A place that provides for you and your pets, North Devon caters to the needs of dog lovers everywhere. Its vast open areas and beautiful sandy beaches always provide a special place to take your dog for a walk along the coastline or visit the beautiful nature reserves that offer an extraordinary experience.

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