Dogs are part of our families so it’s only natural we want them with us during our holiday trips. Actually many of us find that a trip isn’t complete and fun without our furry friends.

And while the entire process can be rewarding in the end, planning a holiday vacation with your dog can be quite overwhelming. Amid all the preparations and decisions, you want to make sure everything is just perfect.
Fortunately, making a holiday quite successful comes with good planning, great ideas and preparing for any unforeseen problems before they happen. How do you make this possible?

Here are a few tips to help you plan a family holiday with your dog.

Choose a Dog-Friendly Holiday Destination

If you’re taking your dog with you, then this may to some extent limit your travel destination and where you’ll stay. Put a lot of thought on where you want to go while taking your dog into consideration.

City breaks may not be ideal for dogs while popular seaside resorts may be overcrowded over the summer. Be sure to check any dog restrictions if you’re looking to spend time with your family on the coast and remember always to keep your dog under control when near wildlife and other farm animals.

Book a Dog-Friendly Accommodation

Of course, you will find plenty of hotels offering dog friendly rooms but do not let this drive your decision.
Before making any final decision and booking a hotel, ensure you call them and find out more about their pet policy.
Some hotels may request for an additional fee whenever you bring your dogs along while others may only allow small breeds in their hotels.

Make sure your dog is chipped and tagged

A holiday is a time you want to relax and have a great time away from all the stressful daily hustles and bustles. But imagine the nightmare you’ll go through when your dog escapes during your most anticipated holiday.

This experience is quite common to many dog parents and fortunately, there are ways to avoid this. Have you dog micro-chipped and ensure all the contact information you provide is up to date with a cell phone and backup contact.

Further, make sure your dog has an identification tag with your contact number to help it find its way back when lost.

Visit Dog-friendly Sites

While there may be sites that won’t allow your dog to wander around like museums, there are plenty of attraction sites that will welcome your furry friend so be sure to research on this when planning your holiday destination.

Go online to tourism sites and look for fantastic spots where you can bring your dog along and explore with them.

Getting Ready for the Trip

With all the packing and preparations, don’t forget your four-legged companion and all the essentials they will need. Pack some comfort items for your dog including toys and a special blanket.

Remember to bring along their favourite food and treats and if possible, carry their bed. While some hotels may provide bedding options for them, your dog will probably appreciate snuggling in their own bed.

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