Ever thought that your pet needed that perfect vacation as a reward for always being there for you? Well, that flawless vacation is possible for you and your pets at Westward Ho! ; A scenic village that faces the Atlantic Ocean at the North Devon coast. Sharing the name of the book published by Charles Kingsley during the mid-19th century, the place has flourished and paved its way for tourism. Whether it be taking a walk on the two miles long of the sandy golden beach or surfing the beautiful waves, Westward Ho! has many things to offer to the vacationist and their pets alike.
Pet-friendly accommodations:
A vacation that brings everything to you and your pets:
A long and stunning beach known as the Golden Bay, where you and your dog can go for a walk, along with many local attractions that welcome dogs which will ensure that you and your pet are never disappointed.
Surrounded by coastal areas, beaches and forests where you can walk your dog.
Is home to various pubs, restaurants and inns that are dog-friendly to ensure that you and your pets have the best of the holidays together.
Facilities that are dog-friendly and can accommodate pets other than dogs, be it birds or even cats. You will be amazed to find places that will offer grooming services for you and your pets at relatively affordable prices.
Tons of attractions and entertainment:
There will always be something to keep you and your four-legged friends entertained at all times.
Vibrant gardens and parks to lock your gaze.
A zoo for family entertainment and friends alike.
Indoors and outdoors sports activities like rock climbing, hiking, cycling, surfing etc.
Had a tiring day? You can go to one of the various indoor spas that will treat you and pets like royalty.
More into the nightlife? Various entertainment events light up the night. You can watch live shows and theatre performances by many artists at seasonal events, providing you with an eccentric photo opportunity.
An available golf course where you can always enjoy the day.
Various indoors family activities centre like Arcades along with indoor soft play zones for children.
When it comes to vacations, we look for a place where we can forget the events of daily life and get away to places that can offer us pleasure and delight. But not all vacations provide great getaways; some will have restricted access to pets, which is not true for Westward Ho! Here, everyone is welcome. Whether it is your four-legged furry friends or your winged buddy, you can rest at ease here and have yourself that perfect getaway that you have been yearning for throughout the year, without having to worry about leaving your furry or feathery friends at home. You can dine alfresco while relaxing at the sunny beach on Lundy Island, as you watch the sunset with your pet, setting an end to a glorious day.

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