Westbound Ho! is the only spot in Britain to have the exclamation mark as a major aspect of its name. It justifies itself simply because the shoreline resort acquaints you with the wild clearing drift that makes up the southern littoral of Bideford Bay. The man’s best friend will be more than pleased to tread and route at historical and beautiful locations which the place have to offer.
A long walk with your dog:
⦁ From Westward Ho!, head west along the coastal path, through the old railway at Cornborough Cliff – and then trail to Abbotsham Court and along hilltop lanes back to Westward Ho!
The journey:
⦁ This walk starts at Westward Ho! – That delightful and eccentric Victorian ocean side resort on the west side of the populated piece of Bideford Bay. No other seaside watering gap brags such a strange and assorted gatherings of design, maybe on the grounds on which the place was situated altogether and the idea of nineteenth century property engineers.

⦁ Northam Burrows and Westward Ho! – This is an overwhelming walk, half along the shoreline and half over the tunnels. At low tide, the shoreline is huge; there is dependably a chance to locate some uncrowded space to give canines a decent run. There are two auto parks inside the Burrows, and a few around the local area at Westward Ho! I would advise to use the Appledore Passage to get to the Burrows.

⦁ Leave the auto stop and walk north until you reach pebble ridge line. Cross the pebble ridge line down onto the shoreline and turn left. There are ranges where the rock edge is shallower, so on the off chance that you are not certain footed, stroll along the top edge until you discover a spot to get to the shoreline that you are content with.

⦁ Stroll along the shoreline, taking after the edge of the tunnels as you stroll around headland, you will have the ability to see Westward Ho! Out yonder. This is the off-lead end of the shoreline, so have a ton of fun!
⦁ Wander along the shoreline until you see a way produced using solid sleepers about-facing over the pebble ridge. The way denotes the edge of Sandymere on the Burrows, furthermore denotes the end of the off-lead area of the shoreline. Utilize the solid way to cross over into the Burrows.

⦁ You will end up in the second auto park for the Burrows, and in by the green. Cross the street and stroll between the stamped ranges of the green.

⦁ Once past the golf, your canines can go off-lead again on the off chance that they are reasonably prepared not to stress sheep or stallions.

⦁ Walk until you have reached the park road which you initially used to enter the park, and then turn left, following the road until you reach the car park.

Some notes to consider:
⦁ Check the tide tables. Westbound Ho! shoreline vanishes at high tide, however the Burrows are unaffected.
⦁ Stallions are at times ridden along the shoreline, so look out if your canine is unused to having steeds next to it.

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